Bridges of Madison County

Product ID: FM-8420 S/O

Product Details

Deep in the American heartland reside the historic Bridges of Madison County. Subject of the eponymous novel, film, and musical, they are now the inspiration for Brickform’s newest line of textures. These stamps were derived from real planks and timbers dating back to the late 19th century. This piece of classic Americana is coming soon to a distributor near you.

6’ Wood Plank, FM-8420 S/O
16’’ x 72”
(40.64 x 182.88 cm) Blue
8’ Wood Plank, FM-8520 S/O
16” x 96”
(40.64 x 243.84 cm) Blue
10’ Wood Plank, FM-8620 S/O
16” x 120”
(40.64 x 304.8 cm) Blue

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