Gem Cure and Seal

Product ID: GCS

Product Details

BRICKFORM Gem Cure & Seal is a solvent based, clear acrylate copolymer curing compound, dust proofer and sealer all in one. Gem Cure & Seal minimizes moisture loss from evaporation in newly placed concrete to provide maximum strength, hardness and protection. Reducing water evaporation loss will result is a stronger, denser, more durable concrete with higher compressive strength, and better crack and freeze-thaw resistance.


•Can Be Colored & Stained

  • GCS Gem Cure and Seal

  • GCS-10018 Gem Cure and Seal 309 – 100 VOC

  • GCS-35018 Gem Cure and Seal 309 – 350 VOC

  • GCS-35025 Gem Cure and Seal 1315 – 350 VOC

  • GCS-65025 Gem Cure and Seal 1315 – 650 VOC