Solomon Colors Offers Innovative New Texturing Tools Spring 2018


Brickform - a Division of Solomon Colors, officially unveiled the new Concrete Dimensions reusable urethane stencils at the 2018 World of Concrete. Concrete Dimensions are the latest innovation for decorative concrete, allowing users to easily create crisp, defined designs in concrete. Floated into fresh concrete, Concrete Dimensions works ideally with exposed aggregate, smooth troweled, broom finished, and lightly stamped surfaces. Designed to produce detailed impressions with complete reusability, the durable urethane stencils hold up to repeated use on job after job. Floating the tool into fresh concrete and removing it once the concrete has hardened leaves a clean, attractive impression. With custom designs available, there is a Concrete Dimensions pattern for any circumstance.

At launch, basic sets will include the Celtic Knot and Trinity sets as well as the Compass Rose Wide and Compass Rose Narrow medallions. Basic sets include a center piece, corners, linear borders, and corner pieces. Contact a preferred Brickform or Solomon Colors dealer for pricing and availability. Solomon Colors sales representatives can also provide information regarding availability and custom designs. Concrete Dimensions will be made available in March 2018.For more information about Concrete Dimensions visit the product page.


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