Mastering Medallions


To transform a “normal” stamped concrete slab into something truly special and unique, use a medallion stamp. Medallions are usually large, round tools with a standalone decorative pattern. Common designs for medallions include the compass rose and star.

There’s three main ways to incorporate a medallion into your design. The first and most common method is to combine the medallion with a seamless texture skin. Place the medallion in the desired location and use the seamless skins to texture the slab around the medallion. Since some medallions and be large and unwieldy, and they typically go in the middle of the slab, you can use the texture skins to walk about onto the slab and make placing the medallion easier. You can also pair the medallion with radius texture tools that create a brick or cobble texture that radiates around the medallion. Finally, you can leave the remainder of the slab untextured, though this could be counterproductive to creating a premium textured surface.

Promote your medallion stamps as a premium upgrade to regular textured concrete. Especially in neighborhoods where stamped concrete has gotten popular, stamped concrete patios, pools, and driveways can begin to look “cookie cutter” and lose their appeal. By offering a couple medallion options, you can offer customers a way to add “pop” by creating a focal point. Use water-based stains to add even further variety and depth to medallions.

Brickform is introducing two new medallion stamps in 2017. Make sure to pick up the 2017 Brickform Product Catalog, 2017 Brickform Stamp Book, or visit us at the 2017 World of Concrete in Las Vegas.


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