This Old Dump Truck: Part 1


This year, Solomon Colors got an early Christmas present. A couple weeks ago, a 1927 Chevrolet Series LM Capitol dump truck arrived at the Springfield plant from a barn in Alhambra, Illinois - where the truck had sat untouched for almost two decades. Interestingly enough, the maintenance crew in charge of restoration said they managed to get the old truck started, though there's no word on how well or for how long it ran!

Our plan is to fully restore the truck in time for World of Concrete 2017 in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Solomon Colors' founding. A vintage dump truck was chosen because Solomon Colors was originally founded as Solomon Grinding Services (even wonder where the SGS comes from?), a processor of coal and iron ore. Materials would have been transported in trucks similar to this one.

Currently, details on the truck are sparse, but resident mechanical experts are doing their best to research as they restore the truck to it's former glory. As new information is discovered and new milestones are reached, expect to see updates on this blog, our Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. Let us know in the comments if you have any information or ideas for our restoration project.

Happy Holidays!


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