The People of Solomon


The average employee at Solomon Colors has been with us for 15 years, while some have been with us as long as 37! Seeing the same people and working with them, day in and day out, for so long creates a strong sense of community and family. With an environment like that, it becomes very clear the most important people are not the Directors of this or the Managers of that. The most important people in any company are the people who come in every day and make things work. Sadly, in most companies, they do not get the care or recognition they deserve. This is why, nearly 20 years ago, Bob Solomon established the Solomon Colors Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to transfer 51% if the company's ownership to the employees.

The Solomon Colors ESOP was established to take care of the people that make Solomon Colors function. As partial owners, each employees accrues and builds equity in the company. When they eventually retire, this equity supplements their savings and retirement accounts. Bob Solomon saw that, even after an employee left, they were still family and should be supported and cared for. This arrangement makes Solomon Colors the only employee-owned manufacturer in the decorative concrete industry.

Employee ownership has further benefits for the customer. Nearly any manufacturer will claim every employees is involved in quality assurance and customer service. This may be true, but it is most often motivated by managerial pressure. At Solomon Colors, this drive is motivated by pride of ownership. As owners, every employee has an interest in ensuring customers and happy and product is of the utmost quality. Everyone, from the packaging lines to top management, has a stake and is motivated to make things right.


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