Fibers, and Finishers, and Sealers! Oh My!


Water is a big deal. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to place and work concrete using traditional methods. With too much, concrete takes too long to set and is compromised in strength and durability. Adding water to the surface makes the slab easier to work and finish, but it increases the chances of surface defects down the line. Solomon Colors offers a variety of products to help manage this element of concrete and maximize the performance of every yard.

Fiber: UltraFiber 500, unlike synthetic and steel fibers, UltraFiber 500 is hydrophilic. A study conducted by Dixon & Associates, Inc. found that concrete dosed with UltraFiber 500 had better cement hydration after both 7 and 28 days of curing. Micro-cracking was also reduced. Read more here.

Cure & Seals: Surface applied cure and seals are nothing new in the industry and are useful in protecting freshly placed concrete until a final sealer can be applied. Brickform and Legacy, both divisions of Solomon Colors, both offer acrylic cure and seals in solvent- and water-based formulations. In addition to protecting from dust and chemical attacks, these clear-drying penetrating cure and seals will better control evaporation and vapor passage, leading to better curing and higher performing concrete in compliance with ASTM 1315 and ASTM 309. Both 1315 and 309 compliant Brickform and Legacy cure and seals are all non-yellowing.

Finishing Aids: Adding water is a common technique used to increase finishing time and ease troweling. Unfortunately, as is well known, this weakens the surface of the slab and leads to scaling and surface cracks. Using Lythic Day1 removes the need to do this. The unique colloidal silica technology has been shown to increase working time and ease troweling without adversely impacting slab performance. Read more here.


Sudhakar Pore
I am a retired Civil Engineer. Really, I got a good information from this blog , thank you!