• 5/1/2017 by Aaron Szerletich
    Starting May 1st, 2017 there is a rebate on Brickform Gem-Seal, Gem Cure & Seal, and Satin Seal. This rebate program runs until April 30th, 2018. For an entire year, you can save money on your sealers. Find the rebate sticker on the 5-gallon sealer pails, complete the form as directed, and send it in. Before too long, you’ll receive a rebate check on your purchase.
  • 4/25/2017 by Aaron Szerletich
    As always, has the free premium Professional Profiles. The Professional Profile is the best way to promote your business. Each Professional Profile effectively gives you a free website, with your own page, an “About” section, and a photo gallery. This is an excellent tool to promote your business because potential customers can see your work and read about you. Best of all, the Professional Profile is, and will remain, free.
  • 3/14/2017 by Aaron Szerletich
    Previously, the equipment for 3D printing concrete was large and cumbersome. It was confined to a specific location or production facility. This meant that components had to be printed ahead of time then transported and installed onsite. For all intents and purposes, concrete 3D printing operated in much the same model as precast.
  • 2/28/2017 by Aaron Szerletich
    2017 signifies the 90th anniversary of Solomon Colors. For four generations, Solomon Colors has been proudly serving customers, providing the highest quality materials and products. Read on for a brief overview of the company’s history.
  • 2/2/2017 by Aaron Szerletich
    There is a direct benefit to joining your company is put right in front of customers, in your area, looking for decorative concrete. Finding the right customers is made easier which, in turn, reduces the barriers to finalizing the sale. is free, direct advertising for you. Improve the quantity and quality of your customers, and earn more.
  • 1/6/2017 by Aaron Szerletich
    Sign up for between January 17 and February 17 for a chance to win a Samsung Tab2 tablet! Offer valid for qualifying decorative concrete contractors. Visit booth #O41054 at World of Concrete 2017 for details! Sign up here!
  • 1/3/2017 by Aaron Szerletich
    Value Added is the cornerstone of a successful business. In order to make money, on a good or service, you have to be able to sell it for more than it cost you. The best way to add value is to make something more desirable. By improving a product’s utility or perceived value, the customer wants it more and is willing to either pay a premium or buy larger quantities. These changes in behavior result in more earnings for the seller and, ideally, a happier customer.
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